10 "Get Ready for Winter" Home Maintenance Projects

Here are ten of the most common “winterizing” tasks to be done before bad weather sets in.

1. Clean gutters and down spouts
2. Power-wash decks, walkways, and driveways
3. Disconnect water hoses from outside faucets
4. Cover all outside/exposed water faucets
5. Remove low hanging  tree limbs, or limbs close to house
6. Inspect deck and steps and have any rotten boards replaced
7. Install new filters to heating system
8. If not in use, turn off water supply to toilet
9. Repair any loose roofing
10. Replace any rotting fence posts and boards

Ceiling Repair

I just completed a fix-up on an older house that will now be rented out. The house had water damage in one of the upstairs bedrooms from water seeping through the flashing around the chimney. After sealing the chimney flashing, I went to work on the inside.

It was a challenging project of cleaning the ragged paint and paper off the ceiling, sanding, texturing and then priming and painting.

The photos below are the before and after of one of the rooms in this project.



Rust Never Sleeps: Shower Doors

Recently on an apartment maintenance project, the shower’s glass door was not sliding properly. After examining the door closely there seemed to be an obstruction that was interfering with the door’s smooth operation.

Solution: Reaching my hand up and running it along the top track area, I found rust deposits had built up on the rail track. Using a very fine grade of sand paper (150 to 250 grit) I lightly sanded the inside rail track and removed the rust debris, then I applied WD-40 to the track and it now glides, smooth as glass

The Starting Point

In 2002 after 25+ years of start to finish carpentry with Little & Little Construction (Pt. Townsend, WA) I left that position and spent a couple of years totally remodeling the custom log home my wife and I built in 1978. Our goal was to sell our log home and acreage, and relocate in Edmonds, WA. During this transition I also worked  a short time at Indian Island. (Indian Island is an ammunition dump for Navy ships coming into the Puget Sound – and also the main resource for my book “Handyman to Hand Grenades – in one easy weekend” yet to be published.)

Liam’s Handyman Service was started in 2004 and served the property managers of Pt. Townsend, WA before moving with us to Edmonds, WA.

The primary service Liam’s Handyman provides is to Property Managers, Realtors and home owners in the maintenance and upkeep of their homes, for sale properties, and rental properties.

Thus begins the Liam’s Handyman Blog… My plan with this blog is to share building and maintenance expertise, handyman tips, and vendor recommendations.