10 Spring Maintenance Tips for Property Managers (and homeowners)

It's that time of year again, time to start thinking about your Spring clean-up projects!
  1. Check all gutters and down spouts for blockage and make sure water is draining properly.
  2. Power-wash wood decks, sidewalks, and driveways to remove slippery moss.
  3. Replace rotten deck boards and inspect stairs for wear.
  4. Tighten or replace handrails on stairways, inside and outside of house.
  5. Check caulking around shower and tubs for wear - replace if worn and/or discolored.
  6. Make sure dryer vent is clean and air is moving through.
  7. Remove all tree limbs near roof, because they can cause damage and invite insects and rodents.
  8. Seal all holes in roof eves, siding, anywhere rodents make their home.
  9. Clean up all junk and blackberry bush areas where rats live.
  10. Advise tenants not leave dog/cat or bird food outside overnight. This is to prevent attracting rodents.
If you need help with any of these seasonal tasks - please contact Nick at nick@liamshandyman.com